Thursday, June 11, 2015

Wake The Town 5/27/15: w/very special guest: Sure Shot (First Round Promotions)

Wake The Town 4/27/15: w/very special guest: Sure Shot (First Round Promotions) by Wake The Town Radio on Mixcloud


  1. Hi, on WTT 4/27/15 a tune titled "You're Gonna Lose" can be heard (at 00:53:53), which I know from the Octaves and the Jesters, but not from the version you played. Could you please provide some information about it? Thanks a lot! Uwe from Germany

  2. Hey there, my copy is a blank 7 inch so it really is a mystery and on Roots Knotty Roots database it is listed as an unknown artist. I've heard it is a group called The Impersonators but I cannot confirm that is correct. Rarity for sure. Glad you like it. And thanks for listening in all the way from Germany. Cheers!

  3. P.S I know The Jesters and The Octaves version but in my opinion this is the best one. Thanks again for listening!

    1. Hi, isn't it exciting that you can still come across tunes which are, despite the world wide web's information overkill, competely shrouded in mystery? Anyway - thanks for your quick and friendly reply
      P.S. Funny that me and a friend of mine just agreed on rating the Octaves' and the Jesters' versions higher than the one you played. Matter of taste, I would say...

  4. haha matter of taste indeed! For what it's worth, The Octaves version is decent and comes in close second but the Jesters cut just doesn't do it for me. And yes, amazing that the web's info has nothing on this rarity.

  5. maksih gan buat infonya,,
    sangat bermanfaat,,,
    saya suka dengan postinganya,,